How can I obtain a Digital COVID Certificate?

If you would like to travel within the European Union, or if you would like to attend an event or activity in the Netherlands; you may be asked to show a negative COVID test result, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery from the coronavirus. You can present these using the CoronaCheck App. The COVID Certificate for travel with  the CoronaCheck App is also known as the EU Digital COVID Certificate.


How to obtain the Digital COVID Certificate?

You can obtain 1 of 3 forms of COVID certificates via the Coronacheck app.


How to upload proof of vaccination?

Go to the CoronaCheck app or the website

You will need to log in with your DigiD. Check whether your DigiD works. Applying for a new DigiD takes a few working days.

The information about your vaccination will be automatically downloaded from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) (if you have given permission for this), the Municipal Health Service (GGD), or the hospital, and then automatically uploaded in the CoronaCheck app or on the website

A print version of the Digital COVID Certificate is also available in the CoronaCheck app.


How to upload a paper proof of vaccination?

If you have a paper COVID vaccination certificate issued in the Netherlands, you can upload it in the CoronaCheck app.


What can I do if I received my vaccinations outside of the Netherlands?

For more information, see How to obtain a Digital COVID Certificate if I received my vaccination abroad?


What if I do not have a DigiD?

For more information, see How to obtain a proof of vaccination without a DigiD.


How to upload proof of recovery from the coronavirus?

If you have received a positive PCR test result from the GGD within the past 180 days, but not within the last 12 days, the GGD will issue a digital proof of recovery. The GGD will not issue digital proof of recovery if you have received a positive result from a rapid antigen test.

Persons who do not have a DigiD are invited to contact +31 247 247 247 to obtain a paper certificate. A recovery certificate is only accepted if the traveller has received the certificate from health authorities from an EU-country. For now, only PCR tests administered at a GGD are issued as recovery certificates.

Upload test result

From 1 July 2021, all persons can make an appointment with one of the designated test facilities listed on the website (in Dutch). A test is also possible without a DigiD with one of the designated commercial test facilities. Alternatively, testing is possible through the GGD (only with DigiD). In either case, tests are administered free of charge in July and August 2021.

Make an appointment for a test

For the purpose of travel, you can make an appointment to be tested free of charge for travel in July or August. Make your appointment no earlier than 5 days before your departure.


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