How does the health care system work?

Internationals moving to The Hague will be happy to learn that Dutch health care is among the very best in the world, although it may take some time getting used to it. The Dutch health care system may seem complicated at first, but actually is quite easy to understand:

  • General practitioners (huisarts) play an important role in the Dutch health care system; they are the first port of call if you have health problems. Read more in our section on gp’s.
  • Hospitals provide a high level of care. Academic hospitals are more specialized in certain areas, general hospitals have less specialized care. Hospitals use the latest equipment and physicians are continually educated on the basis of the latest insights from the scientific community. Read more in our section on hospitals.
  • Dentistry is privatised in the Netherlands and not covered by basic insurance policies (except for children under 18 and specialist dental care, such as surgery). Read more in our section on dentists.
  • At the pharmacy, you can get any medication that is not available over-the-counter. These require a prescription from your GP. Read more in our section on pharmacies.