How to obtain a Digital COVID Certificate if I received my vaccination abroad?

If you have received one or more COVID vaccinations abroad (i.e. not through the Dutch vaccination programme) you can still apply for a Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) as follows:

  • Vaccinations administered by authorities in another EU member state
    If you have been vaccinated as an EU citizen within the European Union, you are entitled to a DCC from the country in which you were vaccinated.
  • Vaccinations administered in a third (non-EU) country
    If you live in the Netherlands and have been vaccinated with an EMA or WHO approved vaccine in a third (non-EU) country and are able to provide a certified vaccination certificate from your vaccination provider, you will be able to obtain a DCC in the Netherlands. To register your vaccination you will need to make an appointment by calling +31 (0)30 800 2899.
  • Vaccinations received in a third (non-EU) country without proof of vaccination
    You cannot apply for a vaccination certificate in the Netherlands. You can get a DCC with a test certificate or a recovery certificate.

For more information on Requirements for proof of vaccination issued outside the EU, visit