Which education options are there for my child in The Hague region?

There are many different options for your child to attend school in The Hague region. There is both international and Dutch education on international or local schools. These are your options:

  • Government-funded international schools: all the education on these schools in in English. Depending on the school, they follow Dutch rules and curriculum and award Dutch or international diplomas.
  • Foreign schools: these schools are funded by their associated country, fall under their educational authority and have a focus on the country’s curriculum. There is a French School and a German school.
  • Independent international schools: these schools are not funded by the Dutch government and are supervised by an international accreditation organisation. Private international schools generally follow the curriculum and award the diplomas of the country of association.
  • Dutch schools: these schools offer different options for international pupils who don’t speak Dutch yet, such as the Internationale schakelklas (ISK), bilingual education and a so-called Kopklas.

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