International schools The Hague region

International schools

The highest concentration of international schools in the Netherlands can be found in The Hague region. The region boosts 12 international schools and offers a large variety of international primary and secondary school options.

Why choose for an international school?

Internationals consider internationals schools for their children to continue with an international curriculum or with lessons in their native language. If you are only staying in the Netherlands for a few years international schools may be a better option for your children than Dutch education. Enrolling your children in Dutch education can improve their language skills and integration in the long run.

Subsidised international schools

In the Netherlands the majority of international schools are partly subsidised by the Dutch Ministry of Education and are thus bound by ministry rules, while others operate privately. So-called Dutch international schools are spread throughout the Netherlands. The subsidy provided by the Dutch Ministry of Education makes it possible for these schools to offer English-language education to the global standard of international schools for a reasonable fee. The qualifications for admission to these schools are set by the Dutch Ministry of Education.

Private international schools

Next to Dutch international schools, The Hague hosts private British and American schools, foreign national French and German schools, as well as schools connected to the embassies.


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