Health care The Hague region

Health care

Internationals moving to The Hague will be happy to learn that Dutch health care is among the very best in the world, although it may take some time getting used to it. The medical system in the Netherlands may be very different to the one in your home country. Please familiarise yourself with the Dutch medical system, before you actually need medical help. Because of the large international community in The Hague, the city offers specialised medical centres for internationals.

When you have settled into your new home in The Hague region, there are 3 priorities for your medical well-being:

  1. Register at the municipality so you will get a citizen service number (BSN). You need this in order to make use of the Dutch healthcare system. The BSN is included in the patient/client data exchanged by healthcare providers, assessment bodies and health insurance companies.
  2. Get Dutch health insurance for you (and your family). It is mandatory for everyone to purchase at least a base level of insurance and you must do so within 4 months of arrival, even if you already have an existing policy that covers you in the Netherlands.
  3. Find a General Practitioner (GP). A GP (huisarts) is your first point of contact for healthcare in the Netherlands, as he/she provides referrals to all specialists and, if necessary, to a hospital. Registering with a local practice is one of the first things you need to do.