Social life The Hague region

Social life

Moving to another country can be really exciting. You will have to start a brand-new life in an unfamiliar environment. This includes having a new social life: you will meet many new people. Start by getting to know your new neighbours or co-workers. And if you are looking for more like-minded people, you can always join one of the many clubs and networks in The Hague region.

In an international city as The Hague, you will probably meet other internationals. Meet them at work, through Facebook, MeetUp, InterNations or another international community group. This can be really comforting, as they know how you feel because they have started that way too. But getting to know the locals is also truly fun! This way you will start to appreciate the Dutch and their culture. Also, it can be a great way to learn some Dutch

In this section, you will get to know the Dutch a little more. How are they like and why do they act like they do? And how can you adapt to Dutch daily life? Also, you get more information on everything The Hague region has to offer to internationals such as clubs, media and fairs focused on internationals, often set up by internationals.