What has changed for expats in the Netherlands in 2019?


What has changed for expats in the Netherlands in 2019?

We’re three weeks into January and you might not have noticed it, but 2019 started off with a great number of new rules and regulation coming into effect. We've summed up the most interesting changes for you.

New rules and regulations

Partner leave & childcare

Let’s start off with some good news. Partners of new mothers are able to take five days off at full salary. And it might even get better in 2020. There are rumours partner leave will increase to 5 weeks off at 70% of your salary. Childcare benefit will increase to help you cover the rising cost of daycare and afterschool care. If you’re eligible for a benefit, you can apply for it online (read more).


There is more news from the Dutch tax authorities. Despite the fact that healthcare premiums have risen this year (with an average of 5,7%). If you qualify for healthcare allowance, the amount of this allowance has increased as well (read more).


Are you renting a house in The Hague? Your rent might increase by a maximum of 5,6% as of July 1st. Planning to become a house owner in 2019? Costs like notary, advice and appraisal fee scan can no longer be financed from your mortgage.


Let’s start this topic with a change in an expat rule: the maximum duration of the 30% ruling has been cut to five years. However, a transitional arrangement applies to expats who were using the 30% facility prior to 2019. Expect to take more pay home due to an increase in employee tax credit and general tax credit. Last; Low VAT rates have gone up from six to nine percent. Not only will you pay more for groceries, concerts, sports, etc., the tax on gas increases as well. However on a more positive note: the tax on electricity will decrease.

For all other new rules and regulation we kindly forward you to government.nl where all changes by the third Rutte government are presented (read more).

The Hague International Centre

We offer international staff a soft landing in The Hague, Delft, Leidschendam-Voorburg and Rijswijk. We’re working hard to improve our services to internationals, so that you can feel at home. So what can you expect from us in 2019?

Welcome to The Hague event (4 times a year)

Moving to another country can, at times, feel overwhelming. Whether you just arrived in the Netherlands or already settled in, your stay here involves some red tape to get through. So would like to get to know The Hague region better? Meet fellow international newcomers? Receive information about formalities and tips on what to do in your free time? Then this event might just be the thing for you! (read more & register)

Partnership programme

We’re launching our Partnership Programme in 2019. The Hague International Centre’s Partnership Programme connects internationals with companies that are dedicated to offer great services for internationals in The Hague region. With the Partnership Programme, we want to offer internationals high-quality and trustworthy English-language services by referring them to our partners (more info coming soon).

CONNECT events

We will also start organizing events for internationals to help them settle in The Hague region: our CONNECT events. Each event will offer internationals insight into several relevant topics, such as education, healthcare,  finance, employment, housing, settling in and many more. We will organize these events in cooperation with the partners from our Partnership Programme (more info coming soon)

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