Know your rights as a tenant in the Netherlands

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Know your rights as a tenant in the Netherlands

Are you renting in The Hague? Do you know your rights as a tenant in the Netherlands? If you have a dispute with your landlord or burdened with a legal issue about a property you are renting, there are a number of organisations who will be able to help. Unfortunately, it could sometimes be a cat-and-mouse-game in your search for answers.

In a bid to help internationals with their questions regarding tenants’ rights, the Fair Rent Team ‘Huurteam’ from the Municipality of The Hague has positioned themselves as the first point of contact for legal advice on the rental of residential properties. The team will help assess your situation and inform you accordingly or refer you directly to the appropriate organisation.

You can reach the Fair Rent Team ‘Huurteam’ at, or +31 70 353 27 53, or go to the Fair Rent Team ‘Huurteam’ page.

Below are also some organisations to approach for specific questions on rental and other legal issues: