Government extends coronavirus support until the summer of 2021

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Government extends coronavirus support until the summer of 2021

The Dutch government has announced a support and recovery package to help businesses and employees cope with the coronavirus crisis, which will come into effect on 1 October. However, conditions of the support measures will change to gear-up for longer term sustainability. The new package will be available till July 2021. Find out about changes to the schemes below:


NOW 3.0 (emergency bridging measure for the retention of employment)

This scheme, which provides a contribution towards wage costs will be extended till June 2021.

If you have staff under your employ, and your business incurred losses due to the coronavirus crisis, you will be able to continue to claim compensation for wage costs from the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). You will need to apply for the scheme every three months and the assistance provided will gradually reduce over every three-month period.

Read more about the conditions for the NOW 3.0 scheme.


Tozo 3 (temporary bridging measure for self-employed professionals)

The Temporary bridging measure for self-employed professionals (Tozo), will be extended till July 2021.

This scheme provides income support or a business loan, and the conditions remain largely the same, except for a newly introduced “Means test” to determine the applicant’s available cash and assets. The applicant will need to pass the test to be eligible for Tozo 3.

Read more about Tozo 3 and the Means test.


TVL (reimbursement of fixed costs for SMEs)

The Reimbursement of Fixed Cost scheme for SMEs will continue till June 2021.

SMEs who have incurred a loss of more than 30% within a three-month period due to the coronavirus crisis can apply for a reimbursement every three month. The maximum reimbursement amount has been increased to €90,000 per three-month period, but the set of conditions has been revised and may see revisions every three month.

Read more about the latest condition for TVL.


Other Schemes

  • Credit guarantee and loan schemes remain available. Find out more:
    • Credit Guarantee scheme for SMEs BMKB
    • Business Loan Guarantee scheme GO
    • Bridging loans for small companies KKC
  • Tax Deferral
    • Two years to pay taxes for which a special extension was granted.
    • The interest rate on tax collection will remain close to zero.


Read more about Coronavirus support for jobs and the economy, or visit for more information on changes to the support schemes.