Changing your health insurance provider 

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Changing your health insurance provider 

The Dutch healthcare system can seem confusing to outsiders, but is based on the principle that everyone should be able to access quality care. Many people know that they need to have health insurance (once they have arrived in the Netherlands), or that children are covered on their parents’ policies up to age 18, but fewer know that they can switch insurer once a year to get a better deal or coverage. 

There are nearly 40 different health insurance providers in the Netherlands, and they are always trying to attract new customers. The Dutch government has tried to make it as easy as possible to switch, too, with health insurers signed up to a switching service to make the process quicker and simpler.  

You must cancel your current policy before 1 January of the coming year, but you have until 1 February to sign up for a new policy (this will retroactively cover you from January, too). If you complete this process before the end of the year, you can take advantage of the switching service; so you don’t need to worry about cancelling your old policy. 

Remember that health insurance providers cannot discriminate based upon gender, background, or pre-existing conditions, so if you find a better deal than you are currently getting go ahead and switch! 

You can compare health insurance policies on several websites, including Zorgwijzer. For more information about the Dutch healthcare system in general, check out the H4i (Healthcare 4 Internationals) website