Are you looking for an expert in housing, relocation, banking, childcare, healthcare or something else? The Hague International Centre connects you to reliable service providers who offer high-quality services in English and are familiar with your needs as an international living in The Hague region. Please note we are highly selective to the partners we promote, however we cannot be held liable for consequences with services provided by our partners.


As a utility provider, offers various services to expats who are living in or are moving to the Netherlands. Our utility service helps expats ease their move and get the best deals on home utilities. With our English customer support and special partnerships with service providers, we get you up and running in your home as soon as possible. All services in 1 place, no hidden costs and everything based on your personal needs.

We help expats who or moving to a new house to set-up the utilities free of charge.
We saving you time and money by finding the best deals for energy, internet, tv,
mobile and even insurances. We offer a friendly customer service to make you life easier.