Social security the Netherlands The Hague region

Social security

Everyone who lives and works in the Netherlands is required to pay into the Dutch social security system. The contribution is levied together with income tax. In return, everyone who contributes to this system can claim various government benefits, including family benefits, maternity and paternity leave, unemployment benefits, long-term care, sick leave and disability benefits.

As an international, you are also obliged to contribute to the social security system. However, if you have privileged status, you may be exempt for contributing to the social security system. If you are an EU/EEA citizen or if you have residence permit, you usually have the same rights to social security benefits as Dutch nationals. But be aware that claiming social security benefits could lead to withdrawal of your right to reside in the Netherlands.

Dutch social security system

Social security in the Netherlands is divided into 2 strands: national insurance and employee insurance. National insurance includes child benefit (AKW), old age pension (AOW), survivor benefit (Anw) and the Long-term Care Act (Wlz). Employee insurance includes unemployment benefits (WW), sick leave (Ziektewet) and disability benefits (WIA). Next to that, there is an extensive pension system.