City by the sea The Hague region

The Hague: city by the sea


Eleven-kilometre beach

The Hague is the only large Dutch city by the sea. Just a stone’s throw from the historic city centre, you will find an eleven-kilometre long beach. Step aboard a tram and within fifteen minutes you can breathe in the fresh sea air. In The Hague, you’re never far from the sea.

In The Hague, the beach is the ideal place to take a break from the hectic pace of life. Take a long walk along the water’s edge or hop on a bike and cycle through the dunes. Stroll along the newly renovated Pier or walk along the Boulevard to the harbour in Scheveningen. Enjoy the grand views, clear your mind and let yourself be inspired by new ideas. At the seaside, it always feels like you’re on holiday.

Discover Scheveningen

It is easy to understand why Scheveningen has become a popular destination in all seasons. After all, it has plenty to offer for everyone: from demanding travellers to tourists with a more moderate budget, but also locals looking to get a little closer to nature. Nightlife stays open during all four seasons, day in day out. You will find eateries and speciality restaurants next to luxury dining establishments, catering to everyone’s taste and budget. The inviting Scheveningen boulevard also translates to the friendliness in the establishments and stores, such as the Palace Promenade, where indoor shopping is open every day of the year.

Scheveningen is a true resort with international allure. This is especially visible in the resort's characteristic Kurhaus with the modern Holland Casino opposite. A visit to Museum Beelden aan Zee - half concealed and one with the dunes - is a unique experience. Entertainment is also easy to find: the musicals in the glorious Circustheater attract a full house night after night, as Scheveningen is known for having countless musical, cultural and sporting events.

Housing in Scheveningen

If you want to enjoy the proximity of the sea and all that Scheveningen has to offer, you do not just need to admire it from a distance. While housing may take a little more effort to find than in other neighbourhoods of The Hague, you may very well decide to make Scheveningen your new home, right at the edge of the city.

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With more than 111,000 acres of dunes, parks and country estates, The Hague offers plenty of space to enjoy freedom and nature.