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About us

The Hague International Centre is the point of contact for international people, companies, and organisations in The Hague region. Through our formalities, information, and welcome services we aim to help you settle in and feel at home in The Hague region. We work with other local, national, and international organisations to help make our region a great place to live, work, study; and grow.

Who are our services for?

We help provide information, assistance, and services to international people in The Hague region. We also offer municipal registration (BSN) and IND services for people living in and working for international companies and organisations in the municipalities of The Hague, Delft, Rijswijk; and Leidschendam-Voorburg.

What do we do?

Registration for staff of international companies and organisations

We provide a dedicated desk for people working for international companies and organisations in The Hague region to register with one of the municipalities we represent (BSN registration). This can be combined with collecting a work and residence permit via the IND.

Information for all international newcomers

Through our Centre, website, literature; and events we aim to provide all international newcomers with the information they need to relocate, settle in, and feel at home in The Hague region.

Our services are provided in collaboration with ACCESS and the IND.

Corporate services

The Hague International Centre facilitates international business and organisations by offering assistance for international staff relocating to The Hague region. We help employees settle in by taking care of formalities and providing information about working and living in The Hague region. Our goal is to make internationals feel at home here.

We work together with international business, organisations, service providers and the international community to make The Hague region more international-friendly. We stimulate English-language services and work to improve facilities for international talent. In close collaboration with The Hague Business Agency and InnovationQuarter we help new international companies, start-ups and NGOs set up in The Hague region. The Hague International Centre can help your business with the information and guidance you need to hire international talent.

If you'd like more information about relocating to The Hague region, check out our relocation pages. You can also get in contact with any questions, or book an appointment if you will be relocating yourself.

How can The Hague International Centre help you? - Relocating to The Hague region