Service providers

Are you looking for an expert in housing, relocation, banking, childcare, healthcare or something else? The Hague International Centre connects you to reliable service providers who offer high-quality services in English and are familiar with your needs as an international living in The Hague region. Please note we are highly selective to the partners we promote, however we cannot be held liable for consequences with services provided by our partners.

Expatica Communications B.V. provides expats in the Netherlands the information they need to turn their new country into their home. Expatica's goal is to help you live your life to the fullest, find your passion at work, and love your new home – wherever that may be.

Hello Housing

Hello Housing is a pro-active partner in letting of fully furnished housing for internationals. We assist individual expats and international companies in finding suitable housing. Hello Housing has an expat mindset. Thanks to our years of experience in the top segment of the market, we can anticipate expats’ needs and wishes.

Undutchables Recruitment Agency B.V.

Undutchables is the recruitment partner for international clients and multilingual candidates. We’re known for our personal touch and dedication. That keeps us one step ahead in matching international talent with company needs. At Undutchables, our mission is to facilitate internationals and connect businesses with the perfect candidate.

HSV International School

The HSV International Primary School has provided primary aged children with exceptional educational experiences since 1986. Spread over four locations in The Hague, one of our locations, Van Heutszstraat, is also home to our international special school, Lighthouse and our international preschool, The Three Little Ships.

Women in Innovation and Leadership

WIL is a professional network that promotes personal growth, collaboration, and gender equality. We equip young professionals to enter the professional world by building an empowering network, offering relevant workshops and fostering collaboration. We encourage leadership through the fulfilment of one’s personal ambitions.

Ute's International Lounge

Settling into The Hague made easy. Ute’s International Lounge provides personalised support for international families by helping them bridge the unfamiliar with the familiar through Consultations and Intercultural Communication Trainings with focus on understanding the local culture. Services are available in Italian, German, French, English and Dutch.

Gateway Consultancy

Gateway helps companies and international employees with services related to intercultural communication and collaboration. By using the theory of Erin Meyer (The Culture Map) we create a communication profile for individuals, as well employers, which helps you adapt to Dutch (business) culture smoothly. Read all about the opportunities on our website!

De Hypotheker

The mortgage advice provided by De Hypotheker is completely independent because De Hypotheker compares all mortgage suppliers in the Netherlands. This means De Hypotheker also puts your own bank in comparison. Remember, your bank will not do this and only offer the banks' products. We believe that quality, reliability and service are essential.

Women’s Business Initiative International (WBII)

The WBII is a one-stop-shop for women entrepreneurs. Members create a professional platform to promote their businesses, seek advice and exchange knowledge and experience. Women from all ages, walks of life, and countries, participate. Start Your Own Business Seminars are a great opportunity to get started for those considering to set-up a business.

The Hague Tech

The Hague’s fastest growing tech community, The Hague Tech, is on a mission to accelerate innovation to solve global challenges through entrepreneurship. Our community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers is the place in The Hague where talent, companies, governments, and knowledge institutions come together to work on social issues and accelerate technical innovation. We build this community through an active role in the ecosystem, right in the heart of Dutch decision-making.

Asociación Hispánica de la Haya

Asociación Hispánica de la Haya (Spanish society) is a cultural non-profit organisation in The Hague promoting the Spanish language and culture of all the Spanish speaking countries.