Birthday parties The Hague region

Celebrating children's birthdays


Your child’s birthday is surely a joyous and special occasion. In every country, there are different customs when it comes to children’s birthday parties. Therefore, it is good to know what to expect from and what might be expected of you at a Dutch birthday party, so you will not be taken by surprise.

Celebration at school

At Dutch schools it is a custom for your child to hand out a treat (traktatie) on his or her birthday. This might be something sweet, but parents regularly choose a healthier snack. They might get creative with pieces of fruit or vegetables and shape them in the form of an animal or other fun shape.

Celebration at home

It is not uncommon for a child to have two birthday parties. One with relatives, which usually takes place at home and is centred around receiving gifts. The other one is with a few selected friends from school or the neighbourhood and usually is a fun activity. Some might come up with a program themselves, such as a treasure hunt in the neighbourhood or a park. But there are also companies that organise a special children’s party programme. You can for example make cupcakes, bake your own hamburger or have a bowling party.