Healthcare for Children

Healthcare for children

The Centre for Children and Families (Centrum Jeugd en Gezin/CJG) is a safe haven in The Hague for children, (expectant) parents and their families. You will find a location in each district of The Hague, where professionals are ready to help you with any information on children and their development.

For anywhere else in The Hague region, the JGZ South-Holland West is responsible for juvenile health care.

Preventative health care

0-4 years

Up to age 4, children will visit the children's health clinic (Consultatiebureau) so their growth and development can be monitored. This form of preventative health care helps new parents to provide their children with the care they need. This is also a great place to get more information about topics like vaccinations, breast feeding or how to deal with mood swings from your child.


4-12 years

Once your child starts primary school, often around age 5, this preventative health care will move to the school doctor (school arts) system. Their exams focus on your child’s length, weight, hearing, eyesight, motor skills, eating and exercise habits. During these appointments, you also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


12-18 years

When starting secondary school, your child will be invited to take part again in a health examination. During this appointment, the CJG doctor or nurse will talk with your child about his or her growth, development and lifestyle. When your child is around 15 years old, he or she will be invited to the youth consultation. During this consultation, teenagers find out how healthy they actually are, and how healthy their lifestyle is.

Workshops and assistance

The CJG and JGZ offer many different workshops. While the CJG offers them in both Dutch and English, the JGZ only has Dutch ones. Sessions on child birth preparation, connecting with your baby and even Dutch language classes for (new) mothers are often a welcome help for international parents.

In conflict situations with older children, the CJG and JGZ can assist you with practical support and advice. If you suspect your child has an eating disorder or a drug problem, or you need help during a divorce, it can be hard to go to your GP for a consultation. The CJG and JGZ might be able to help you during these times.

The CJG in The Hague also offers help and support to parents with questions, doubts or concerns about raising their children through the Upbringing Support Centre (Opvoedsteunpunt).