Registration of certificates


Employees and their family member(s) are eligible for an appointment at The Hague International Centre for the registration of certificates if they meet all following requirements:

  • The employee and family member(s) completed their initial municipal registration at The Hague International Centre, or at one of the expat centres in the Netherlands.
  • The employee and family member(s) are registered as residents of The Hague. If not, please make an appointment at your municipality.

Required documents for the registration appointment

  • Valid identification (passport or other travel document) of the person attending the appointment.
  • Copy of valid identification (with visible signatures) of other person(s) who is/are registering certificates during the appointment.
  • Original, legalised and translated certificate(s).
    • If you are registering certificates on behalf of someone who is 16 years or older, please also bring a format-free authorisation letter, signed by the person whom you are representing for registration
    • Certificates issued by an EU-member state: Certificates issued by an EU- government usually do not require legalisation nor translation. Certificates issued in a language other than the Dutch, English, French or German language, should be supplemented with a multilingual standard form. The multilingual standard form can be obtained at the authority which issued the certificate. Additional information on the multilingual standard form can be found here.
    • Certificates issued by a non-EU-member state: Non-EU certificates may require legalisation and/or translation for use in the Netherlands. Documents from abroad must be translated into Dutch by a sworn translator in the Netherlands. If foreign documents have been issued by the relevant authority in French, German, or English, these will often be accepted. For country specific information on legalisation and translation requirements, please visit Legalisation of foreign documents for use in the Netherlands. Choose your country. | Netherlands Worldwide.

Please note we can only register original certificates of persons who are registered as residents in the municipality of The Hague.


Please proceed if you fulfil the above criteria >> Make an appointment