Why should I volunteer?


Are you interested in volunteering? Volunteer The Hague tells you why you should volunteer and how Volunteer The Hague can help you.

Why volunteering?

Volunteering will allow you to not only make a difference in the lives of others but it can also help yourself. Not only this, but according to Time Bank (2009), 84% of people responsible for hiring agree that volunteering is a great way to help people find work, with an astounding 80% of employers value volunteering on a CV. From health benefits to social experience, volunteering can help combat depression, help understand people better, help to deal with difficult situations and improve physical fitness! Volunteering helps you to become more integrated into your community, as well as gain confidence, make a difference, meet people, learn new skills and take on a new challenge in a safe and forgiving environment. 

Volunteer The Hague

Volunteer The Hague understands these important benefits of volunteering, and especially how volunteering can help internationals whom have moved to a new country. No matter your stage in your moving process, whether you have lived in the Netherlands for one week or over 30 years, volunteering can help you with your career, social life, and mental and physical health. Volunteer the Hague connects internationals with meaningful volunteer opportunities at local non-profit organizations, free of charge.

Finding a volunteering position

Feel free to make a free account with Volunteer The Hague and upload your CV, so nonprofits can view all you have to offer them. If you don’t know what your talents are, then just take our talentscan quiz to help you decide the volunteering position that is right for you and your personality. There truly is something for everyone! Not ready to make an account with Volunteer The Hague yet? No worries—just browse our hundreds of volunteering vacancies and contact the organization directly. The Hague is a place where all nationalities come together, forming a multicultural society. Volunteer The Hague want to bridge the gap between internationals who may not know where to start on their volunteering journey in a new country, and nonprofits who are searching for internationals to help aid in their inspiring missions.

Text by Volunteer The Hague