Connecting internationals to The Hague

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Connecting internationals to The Hague

Welcome to The Hague, an open and international city! As the city of peace and justice, we are proud to host so many internationals working for a better world. The embassies, international organisations, multinational corporations, schools and start-ups bring in a diverse group of people from around the world. The city cherishes its vibrant international community.

At the Municipality of The Hague, we are happy to invest in your quality of life. We know you want the best education for your children. Therefore, we are a proud host to the largest number of international schools in the country. We boost high-class services which cater to the need of non-Dutch speakers, such as promoting English and French information and services through our municipal websites and The Hague International Centre. We promote The Hague as a student city and continue to work on improving student facilities. We help innovative entrepreneurs to start and grow their business through the Impact City programme. The Hague is home to an international ecosystem of employers, service providers, expat organisations and social clubs. We will continue to work together with our partners to create an even more hospitable environment for internationals in The Hague.

Bringing the local and international community together

Together we celebrate diversity, but we also understand this diversity may create boundaries between communities. We strive to bridge these divides by encouraging all of our citizens to participate in our educational, cultural, and sports events. We put great effort into connecting the local and international community through programmes such as World in Your Classroom. This is a project in which internationals give guest lectures to high school students, teaching them about their home countries. Also, World Class The Hague offers high-level lectures from international statesmen, experts and society leaders to students in the city. Finally, The Hague Bridge aims to link local and international communities by organising events and encouraging city pride among its residents.

Feeling like a local

The city stimulates integration and participation. For example, all new residents of the city can become a member of The Hague Public Library for free. As a bustling centre of culture and information as well as a great meeting place in The Hague, the library is much more than just books. Learning Dutch is one of the best ways to feel like a local, and so the Taalhuis in the library helps citizens improve their Dutch language skills. SamenHaags is a new programme to help international newcomers integrate in Dutch society through improving their Dutch, meeting other people, gaining work experience, and getting to know The Hague. Volunteer The Hagueopens up English-speaking volunteer opportunities and stimulates volunteering by organising mix and match events, workshops and an online job portal.

Making a better world

Every September, a large number of international organisations open their doors to the public on The Hague International Open Day. This is a wonderful opportunity to show residents how tens of thousands of people in their own city work every day to build a better world. The Hague also brought 1,900 future world leaders from all over the world together by hosting One Young World. At this conference delegates discussed international issues such as justice, peace and the environment. Through meetings with organisations in our city, One Young World connected international talent with citizens of The Hague.

Feel at Home Fair

The Municipality of The Hague has been a proud sponsor of the Feel at Home Fair for many years. The Fair is a prime example of bringing people together while sharing information and experiences. The Fair connects internationals with service providers, international schools, sports and social clubs. Join us at the Feel at Home Fair in our beloved City Hall.

The Hague International Centre

When you move to another country, there are many things to take care of. Dealing with paperwork and finding out how everything works can take a lot of time. And time is precious when you are first settling in. That is why the city established The Hague International Centre: the point of contact for internationals in The Hague region. The Hague International Centre offers you a soft landing by providing all the information and guidance you need to settle in. We take care of formalities and provide information about working and living in The Hague region. We hope to connect internationals to all that The Hague has to offer. Together with our partners ACCESS (a not-for-profit organisation serving the international community) and the IND, we work to make you feel at home.

Connect with The Hague International Centre

Do you want to know what The Hague International Centre can do for you? Visit the centre inside City Hall from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 or connect with us via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. To stay updated on everything you need to know when living in The Hague region you can also sign up for our newsletter.

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