Last Sunday of March turns to Summertime

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Last Sunday of March turns to Summertime

This year, the daylight savings time (DST) falls on 28 March at 02.00 hrs. This is the official moment to "spring forward" your clock to 03.00 hrs.


What is daylight savings time?

According to, this practice began in 1916. Germany was the first country to implement daylight savings time and the concept quickly spread across Europe and the world.

The purpose of DST is to make better use of daylight hours in the summer months, moving the daylight from mornings to evenings in order to allow us more time outdoors before it gets dark.


The trouble with DST

Scientists are questioning the effect of DST on individuals’ health. Increase in heart conditions, traffic accidents and other disturbances in memory-and-coordination related activities are often cited in articles analysing DST and human health. The increased daylight exposure that follows DST results in body secreting less melatonin, which consecutively shifts the natural internal clock cycle (circadian rhythm). Luckily, according to Journal of Physiology, properly timed light exposure during waking hours is the main deciding factor in adjusting the body’s biological clock, thus going to bed earlier on the night the clocks will be turned will give you just that extra bit of sleep!