housing survey

Housing survey


Finding a home is getting more difficult in The Hague region. Affordable housing is under pressure. We want to make sure everyone can enjoy living in The Hague region: Dutch and international. In order to do so, we want to make sure The Hague region has enough and affordable homes for everyone and improve the attractiveness of The Hague region for internationals.

To find out more about how internationals view the housing market of The Hague region, The Hague International Centre and the Municipality of The Hague are carrying out a housing survey. Please fill in the survey to provide your municipality with feedback of your experience of the housing market in The Hague region as tenant, owner, service provider or employer. With the survey we hope to identify bottlenecks, housing shortages and developments in the international community. The more people participate in the survey the better, because the results of the housing survey will influence policy making and contribute to improvements. We will keep you posted on the results through The Hague International Centre.

We set up separate surveys for internationals, service providers and employers to receive as much feedback as possible. Each survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. Your answers will remain confidential and anonymous. You can find the housing surveys below:

Service providers

Survey for real estate agents and relocators

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Survey for all internationals (expats/students)

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Survey for HR of international employers

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