Let's meet Sophie!


Let's meet Sophie!

This week we would like to introduce Sophie, a staff member of The Hague International Centre.

Research on international start-ups

Sophie is an aspiring 22 years old Master’s student aiming for a degree in Public Administration, and she’s been our invaluable intern since January. Her research is important not only for the field of her studies, but also for the internationals living in The Hague region - Sophie considers various international stakeholders, e. g. new start-ups, analyses their needs and indicates how The Hague International Centre could better serve them. In essence, she concerns herself with finding better ways for us to create a soft landing for internationals in The Hague.

Feel at home

When asked what she thinks is the most important requirement for enabling such experience, Sophie points to being able to receive information on many aspects in one place. “No matter if the internationals in question are newcomers or have lived in The Hague region for years already” she tells, “We [The Hague International Centre] have knowledge which even some Dutch people do not have if you ask them. For example, finding an English-speaking GP can be taken for granted, but what to do if you need it in Spanish or Chinese?” This expertise is further enhanced from the cooperation with municipalities of Rijswijk, Delft, and Leidschendam-Voorburg, and partnerships with the IND and ACCESS, enabling The Hague International Centre to be notably effective in the mission to help internationals feel at home in our city.

The Hague region

Living in Leiden herself, Sophie perceives the region as a big city that feels small, which brings a certain charm. The region is an appealing combination of urban areas and nature, and the cultural diversity really makes it an international city. “I love it and I’m sure others would too” Sophie smiles.

One final tip from Sophie

“Enjoy our beautiful beaches! Whether it’s a grey sky or the sun is shining, it’s the perfect place to relax and clear your head. Just beware the seagulls when you’re trying some Dutch food at the boulevard!”

Would you like to learn more about the Dutch, Dutch customs and what it is like to live in The Hague region? Visit our next Welcome to The Hague event on June 6!


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