Let's meet Rawia


Let's meet Rawia

"It is a universal truth that people need people and this is even more evident when you are a newcomer to The Hague, or any city for that matter. Having others who share an interest, an experience, a language, passion for sports or any other activity, will help you in your settling in process. Especially if you have come as an accompanying spouse or partner.

It is fortunate then that you are in The Hague with its surrounding municipalities. The Hague, due to its long history of diplomatic missions, international organisations and multinationals over the years, offers a wide array of internationally oriented social and cultural groups. Local sports and volunteering organisations are also increasingly opening their doors to internationals - offering plenty of opportunities to meet people, share experiences and interests and be supported in your process of settling in."

Rawia Liverpool, Project Manager at ACCESS, has been living in The Hague for 18 years. "It was the people I met, and made the effort to meet, who made the difference in my transition from newly arrived to successfully settled. I witness this same positive experience in my colleagues at ACCESS.

Not sure where to start? My three top tips would be:

  1. Plan to attend the Feel at Home Fair - or at least visit their website, where a listing of sports, social and community groups can be found.
  2. Explore Volunteer The Hague for local volunteering opportunities for which little or no Dutch is required.
  3. If volunteering in an international, professional environment is for you: visit the website of ACCESS to find out when our next information morning is.

We at ACCESS are also here to help you in your search for community. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for."


ACCESS is a not-for-profit organisation established in The Hague in 1986 to encourage, support, assist and facilitate internationals coming to The Hague for business, research, or diplomatic posting. It is completely managed and staffed by volunteers, providing a service that is unique in the entire world. 

Since 2012 ACCESS has partnered with the municipality of The Hague at The Hague International Centre, which provides international staff with a full-service entry point into The Hague region. Through the facilitation of registration, formalities and a welcoming orientation to The Hague, ACCESS supports the human resources departments of The Hague's businesses and universities. ACCESS received a 9.5/10 satisfaction rate from the international clients which have registered through The Hague International Centre.

Photo credits: Vinita Salomé


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