Initiatives in The Hague region to help with the coronavirus outbreak

employee in homeless shelter

Initiatives in The Hague region to help with the coronavirus outbreak

Despite this difficult time, we see many meaningful initiatives in the Netherlands rising to help communities and industries in need. They’ve inspired us and we wanted to share some of these initiatives and actions with you. Would you like to contribute? Check out these initiatives in The Hague region:

Collection of masks and protective wear for healthcare workers

Stichting Transmurale Zorg, Mondial Van der Velde Removals and Xtra Welzijn have organised an initiative to collect masks, safety glasses, gloves, baby monitors, protective suits and disinfectant to help with current shortages in the healthcare sector.

If you are in possession of these much-needed items, please email: or call: 070-7000077. There are several drop-off points and the organisers will make sure that these items are delivered to the care team in the Haaglanden region.

For more information on this initiative, please visit the Stichting Transmurale Zorg site.

Spread the word by using #allemondkapjesverzamelen on social media.

Volunteer work

With the coronavirus outbreak, the people who depended on the help they used to receive, need it now more than ever. There are currently several online requests for help. Do you want to contribute to your community? Please refer to one of the projects listed below:

A non-profit initiative founded by the Municipality of The Hague and PEP, Volunteer The Hague help connect internationals with meaningful volunteer opportunities at local non-profit organisations. There is currently a call for volunteers to help with people who are homeless and in isolation. These are short term volunteer opportunities that can have a great impact on your community.

This site normally lists events and activities in The Hague, but during this time of crisis, they have dedicated a page with a list of initiatives to help generate support within the community. Go to their page to help one of the many businesses affected by the coronavirus in The Hague.

A few creative agencies joined forces to create this platform to help struggling local businesses. Businesses who have to close because of the coronavirus crisis may promote their current offers like take out, gift cards and online classes. You can #supportyourlocals  by taking up a promotion on offer.

Watch this space as we include more actions and initiatives in The Hague region.