"Do you speak Dutch?" on a blackboard

Learn Dutch - finding a class in the new semester


As the summer holidays come to an end and well-rested vacationers return with renewed purpose, some internationals might decide to finally take on the tricky task of learning Dutch. Do you want to master the rolling “R”s and guttural “G”s, and finally be able to introduce your friend Geert from Gorinchem without choking? Here is a list of language schools that could help get you there. Happy learning!


Direct Dutch Institute

Direct Dutch as their name suggests, offers an approved (direct) method of teaching Dutch, in small groups, with a maximum of 6 students each. Courses are offered online from A1 to advanced level. Intensive courses are also available.

Fees starting from €435 (including materials) for 23 hours.


Kickstart School

From September 2020 Kickstart offers Remote, Hybrid or Face-to-Face formats for their courses. They take a communicative approach to teaching – encouraging students to speak Dutch from the very first lesson. Courses are available for all-levels with different intensity levels to choose from.

Fees starting from €360 (excluding materials) for 24 hours.



LanguageOne offers Dutch language courses for children aged 4 to 19 years who speak little to no Dutch. Students will be given meaningful language tasks and undertake fun activities in an interactive and playful manner, matching their prior experiences and current environment. Lessons are offered online, individually, in small groups and in a classroom.

Fees starting from €350 (including materials) for 10 lessons.


Radboud in’to Languages

Radboud in’to Languages offers courses that focuses on communication, but attention is also given to Dutch habits and customs. They currently offer online courses for all levels. Writing and intensive courses are also available.

Fees starting from €798 (excluding materials) for 28 lessons.



Taalhuis is a service supported by the Reading & Writing Foundation ‘Stichting Lezen en Schrijven’ and the Royal Library ‘Koninklijke Bibliotheek’. Usually located at public libraries, Taalhuis offers information and advice about learning a language. Language consultants are available to guide you to a course, language café, or learning materials tailored to your needs.

This service is free of charge. Find out what Taalhuis Den Haag can do for you!


The language schools listed are partners of The Hague International Centre. 

For less commercial learning options, you can enquire at ROC Mondriaan, Taal in de Buurt and Gilde Den Haag.