Discover Just Peace Month in The Hague

UN and country flags hanging from poles seen from below against a background of blue sky and clouds

Discover Just Peace Month in The Hague

The Hague is known to many as the International City of Peace and Justice – a reputation that was built on since the city hosted the first Peace Conference in 1899. Now, it is home to 480 international organisations who work together to foster a better world. But how do these organisations contribute to peace and justice? Find out during Just Peace Month!

From 20 September (in the run-up to the International Day of Peace) to 24 October (celebrating the 75th anniversary of the United Nations) there are numerous educational activities in The Hague themed around peace and justice.

International institutions in The Hague, such as Eurojust, the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will participate. They will demonstrate how they work every day for peace and justice and shed light on career and internship opportunities through videos, livestreams and webinars.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the programme of Just Peace Festival and The Hague International Open Day has changed and many of the activities will be virtual. However, some will still take place live in the city.

Below we have highlighted some events that we are excited about:


Live tours

Guided tour of International Zonemultiple dates

During this tour you will learn everything about the past, present and future of the International Zone in The Hague. English tours will be offered on Wednesday, 30 September and 14 October from 14:00 to 16:00 hrs. Only a limited number of people can join the tour, so make sure to sign up on time.


Virtual tours

Visit OPCW virtually – 6 October 

This virtual tour includes videos about the work of the OPCW, the OPCW internship programme, and a playlist with short films.

Virtual guided tour Eurojust – 17 October

Eurojust, the EU agency for criminal justice, offers a virtual tour. Immerse yourself in a day of action to combat organised crime!



International Peace Day webinar: ‘Covid, conflict and crisis: what’s in store for 2021? – 21 September 

What does the future hold? This webinar will explore what we can expect on the COVID-19 and conflict front in the next 12 months. It will also offer up a broader global perspective on evolving dynamics.

Webinar Permanent Court of Arbitration – 20 September 

A webinar about the work of the PCA.  


Online programmes

Peace in the Park – 20 September 

Live from the studio, Peace in the Park will offer a programme with meditation, music, workshops and interviews.

Discussion on solidarity and peace – 7 October

Participate in the livestream event ‘Discussion on solidarity and peace’ on the Walk of Hope website.


You can check out the full programme on