Volunteering for the holidays

People wrapping Christmas gifts

Volunteering for the holidays

Last week, the government announced that the partial lockdown will continue during this holiday season. For many, it means that the year-end celebrations will be a quiet one this year. However, you could turn this unusual season into a meaningful one.

There are currently initiatives in The Hague region focused on the holiday season. Some can be good fun for the family. Like helping to put up Christmas decorations or wrap Christmas gifts. By sharing your time, you could help spread the warmth during these winter weeks.

Would you like to explore how you can help your community during the holidays? Here are a few volunteer organisations that facilitate and welcome international volunteers (the following information is provided by our partner, Volunteer The Hague):


Volunteer The Hague

A non-profit initiative founded by the Municipality of The Hague and PEP, Volunteer the Hague connects internationals with meaningful volunteer opportunities at local non-profit organisations.

You will find over 300 volunteer opportunities on their website, posted by hundreds of local non-profit organisations in need of help. The positions are all suitable for non-Dutch speakers. They also organise regular mix-and-match events (now online) between volunteers and organisations.

E: service@volunteerthehague.nl | T: 070 302 4444


NL Cares

This platform facilitates flexible volunteer work for individuals and companies. You can register for activities through an online agenda. This way, you decide when, where, and how often you participate in activities.

For companies, NL Cares organises tailor-made volunteer and impact programmes. Companies can design their own volunteer programmes that tie-in with their culture and values. Examples of activities are cycling lessons for refugees, walking trips with the elderly, pub quizzes with people with disabilities and more.

E: info@nlcares.nl | T: 020 240 2480


Stichting Present

Present Den Haag is a local foundation that is bridging the gap between volunteers who can offer help, and people who need help. They provide assistance to those who live in poverty, suffer from social isolation or live with a physical/mental disability. They are the intermediary for practical and social volunteer projects like DIY at a children’s farm or games afternoon with the elderly.

E: info@presentdenhaag.nl | T: 070 369 6540



ACCESS is a not-for-profit organisation managed by volunteers, and has been serving the international community in the Netherlands for more than 30 years. The volunteers themselves are internationals who have been through the relocations process. Using their personal experiences, they help to answer questions about moving, and settling into your new home.

ACCESS partners with The Hague International Centre and assigns volunteers to their helpdesk to assist visitors with their questions. Their next information session for new volunteers is on 2 February 2021.

E: helpdesk@access-nl.org |T: 085 400 0338


Still not sure of how you can help? Just reach out to the volunteer organisations. They would love to hear from you!