The M-form for first-timers

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The M-form for first-timers

This article is provided by our partner, Taxsavers

Did you move to The Hague region in the last year? A lot may have changed due to your relocation: new house, new job, new culture, and new people. Also, your tax situation will change. From now on, you will be considered a taxpayer in the Netherlands according to the Dutch tax authorities.


What happens when I become a Dutch taxpayer?

When you become a resident taxpayer, the same rules apply to you as to Dutch residents. From now on, you must declare your income and assets in the annual income tax return. However, you are also eligible for certain deductions and tax credits. If you meet the requirements for the 30% ruling, you may enjoy some tax benefits.


What do I have to do for the year that I move to The Netherlands?

For the year that you migrated to the Netherlands, you must file a special migration tax return (also known as the M-form). The M-form is only available in Dutch and on paper.


Why is it important to file the M-form?

This is to declare that you did not live in the Netherlands for the entire year. The taxes you paid are withheld based on your estimated annual salary. That is why, if you only lived in the Netherlands for a part of the year, you probably paid too much income tax, and you may be eligible for a tax refund for that year.


Any tips?

First of all, it is important to file a complete and correct tax return. This ensures that you do not pay too much or too little tax.

You should also check if you are eligible for:

  • Allowances: e.g. healthcare allowance, rent allowance, child budget, childcare allowance. 
  • Deductible items: e.g. study costs, mortgage interest, health costs, and donations.

These allowances can be deducted from your taxable income, which will help lower your income tax payment.


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