Nature-inspired Childcare

Children playing in nature

Nature-inspired Childcare

As Villa Bloom gear up to celebrate 10 years of bilingual childcare, we spoke to Rose Takens, from Marketing Communications, to learn more about their future plans in The Hague region.


10 years is quite a milestone! Can you tell us how Villa Bloom began?

Celine Broekhuizen founded Villa Bloom in 2011. It started because she believed that a place where children spend several days a week should be an oasis of peace, security, and stability; and a place where they are encouraged to explore and discover. This is the reason why nature is such a big part of our pedagogy.


Why is nature so important for children?

Through being immersed in nature, children learn how to be confident, resilient, and creative; lead healthy and active lifestyles, and ultimately connect with the natural environment.

This is what Villa Bloom stands for, we are always finding ways to spend more time in nature and to make it enjoyable and educational for the children, and our team.

“Outside, in real life, is where humans learn best” says Anders Szczepanski, a Swedish outdoor learning expert. “That’s where we make use of all of our senses by seeing, listening, feeling, smelling, tasting and discerning. It fosters curiosity, creativity and cooperation, engages our emotions and makes us care about our environment, as well as our natural and cultural history.”


Does Villa Bloom have any special plans in store for this milestone year?

Just as the new school year beings, in September, a new Villa Bloom location will open its doors at Wijndaelerduin 2, opposite the International School of The Hague.

There will be plenty of space and facilities for day, and out of school groups. We also have a gym specially made for children for sports activities, spacious outdoor gardens, a greenhouse, and a kitchen specially tailored for children to develop their culinary talents. This location is close to the dunes, forest, and the beach, which makes it perfect for going into nature as much as possible.


Since nature is a big theme in Villa Bloom, do you try to bring that indoors?

Yes. The location is designed by several talented architects. Making use of organic materials, sustainable resources, and natural lighting. It is a beautiful space for children, and parents too – we have incorporated facilities for parents such as co-working spaces, yoga classes, and meals to-go.


Thank you Rose. We wish you all the best with the opening of your new location!

For more information, visit Villa Bloom.