The Hague welcomes 2,000 new international students

Mayor of The Hague with students

The Hague welcomes 2,000 new international students

Last Saturday, 11 September, The Hague welcomed more than 2,000 international students at the City Hall. Students who are going to live in the city for more than 4 months must register in the Personal Records Database (BRP). In order to get this organised as quickly as possible, the Municipality organised a special registration day. Mayor Jan van Zanen was also at the City Hall to speak to some of the students.

Students are important for the city and contribute to The Hague as an international city of the future. That is why the municipality works with higher education institutions to help new students in The Hague get a smooth start.

Alderman Saskia Bruines said "With a team of more than 25 colleagues, the municipality helps the students to register as quickly as possible. With special regulations on visitor flow, time slots, extra security and safety screens, the safety of the students and staff can be guaranteed. It is an enormous task, but at the same time welcoming all these students generates vitality for our city."


The Hague – student city

The Hague is the youngest and fastest growing international student city in the Netherlands. There are currently more than 7,000 international students in the city out of 31,000 in the Netherlands. The Municipality of The Hague and higher education institutions are investing heavily in the development of The Hague as a student city.

There are several initiatives to help new students get started, such as the orientation weeks of the colleges and universities, city introduction initiatives such as Sports Day in The Hague and Boat Tour. To keep students engaged in the city, a Student Festival will follow in November. To inform students about fun things to do, there is the new Student Radar app. In addition to the introductory activities, students will also find recommendations and discounts. Download it via App Store or Google Play.

Students who have any questions about living and studying in The Hague can also contact us. We are happy to help!