A blue medical face mask

New Coronavirus regulations from January 15: shops may re-open, ‘contact professions’ like hairdressers also open by appointment 


On Friday evening, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister for Health Ernst Kuipers took to the stage to announce the partial lifting of the hard lockdown in the Netherlands. All rule changes will go into effect from Saturday January 15. 

The big news is that ‘non-essential’ shops may re-open, until 17:00. Businesses such as hairdressers, nail bars, and beauty salons may also re-open by appointment. People may again play sports and go to the gym.

All cultural institutions and ‘horeca’ (cafés, restaurants, bars; and so on) must remain shut, although a review will be held on January 25.   

All education will be able to take place in-person again: with university students to be welcome back to socially-distances lecture halls, and children allowed back to school.  

Quarantine rules change

Another important rule change that has been announced is a change in quarantine regulations: anyone that has either had a booster vaccine (at least a week previously), or has recovered from the Coronavirus in 2022 no longer has to quarantine if someone in their house tests positive.

Advice to wear face masks outside

The 'urgent advice' around face masks has also changed: people must now wear a face mask anywhere outside where social distancing cannot be held to. The type of face masks that people are suggested to wear has also changed: it is now required to wear a ‘Type II’ or better surgical face mask, instead of a home-made or other cloth mask.

People must continue to wear masks in indoor public places.

All of the full rule changes can be found on the Dutch government's website.