IND Only: biometrics, stickers and residence documents


The Hague International Centre offers IND services, such as submitting biometrics, picking up residence endorsement stickers, collecting residence documents, or handing in residence documents when leaving the Netherlands. You need to make an appointment for IND services. You can combine IND services with your municipal registration to get a BSN. Please make an appointment via another appointment form.

Employees and their family members can use the immigration services at The Hague International Centre if they meet the following requirements:

  • The employee or family member will live or work in The Hague region. You need to make an appointment at one of the other international centres or IND desks if you live or work outside of The Hague region. 
  • The employee or family member has a residency status as Highly Skilled Migrant, Intra Corporate Transferee, Scientific Researcher, EU Blue Card, Start-up Visa, Essential Start-up Personnel, Self-Employed, Orientation Year or accompanying Family Member. 
  • The employee or family member has requested the residence document to be sent to The Hague International Centre or Expatcentre Den Haag on the IND application form.
  • The employee or family member has received a decision letter (for biometrics and stickers) or confirmation letter from the IND that the residence document is ready for pick up at The Hague International Centre.

If you do not meet the requirements you need to make an appointment at the IND desk in The Hague. 

Required documents for the IND appointment (for each individual)

  • Valid identification (passport or other travel document)
  • Your (expired) residence document. Or the official report of loss or theft from the police (if your residence document was lost or stolen).

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