The IND continues to reduce the fees for residence permits

The IND reduces fees

The IND continues to reduce the fees for residence permits

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) has reduced many of the administrative fees for residence permits for highly-skilled internationals. The reduction in administrative fees will make it easier for companies to attract new internationals to the Netherlands. The costs for an application for an highly skilled migrant permit were reduced with almost 40% from €938 to €582 in May 2018. As of 1 January 2019 the fees have been further reduced with another 50% to €285. In total a reduction of almost 70% in less than one year. Many other permits for highly-educated internationals, like the EU Blue Card or Orientation Year, underwent similar reductions.

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) is an important stop for people who wish to live or work in the Netherlands or who want to become a Dutch citizen. The IND assesses all residence applications individually. Once a year the IND announces the administrative fees for the application procedures. And despite the fact that a lot of fees will increase with 1,7% as compared to 2018, we did discover a number of permits with a notable fee reduction.

Reduced fees

  • first application highly skilled migrant/ICT: ​​€285 (2018: €582)
  • first application/extension family member: ​​€171 (2018: ​​€240)
  • first application EU Blue Card: ​​€ 285 (2018: ​​€661)
  • extension highly skilled migrant/ICT/Blue Card: €285 (2018: ​​€355) 
  • first application looking for a job after study: ​​€171 (2018: ​​€285)
  • first application work in employment: ​​€285 (2018: ​​€909)

Many highly-skilled internationals can combine collecting their residence permit with municipal registration at The Hague International Centre (or another expat centre).

Check out all the new prices on the website of the IND.