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Partner Spotlight: Furniture Lease


Since launching our Partnership Programme in 2019, it has been a pleasure to work with partners from different industries who share the same goal of helping internationals thrive in The Hague region. Your expertise has benefitted many newcomers and helped them get a good start in the region.

For this Partner Spotlight, we talked to Tineke Draskoczy from Furniture Lease who joined our programme in 2020 just before the pandemic. Tineke founded Furniture Lease over 25 years ago together with her brother Dirk Jan Franken and they are continually growing their family business together.


Could you please share with us what led you to set up Furniture Lease?

We started with a project for a large multinational in the South of the Netherlands a long time ago. Through this home furnishing project for international workers, we were able to bring together and make the most of our knowledge of home furnishing, sales, and hostmanship. And we have been growing our business ever since.


Why did you partner with The Hague International Centre?

In February 2020 we started on a partnership with The Hague International Centre. Our team has been working for internationals in the The Hague area for decades. We work with real estate agencies, relocation companies, also the individual international who is moving to this area. And we help them make a new home far from home. The Hague International centre helps us make our unique service even more known.


How has Covid affected your organisation/industry, and your way of working?

There were families who wanted to return to their home country very quickly, and there were internationals who had to settle in the Netherlands and needed our service. Waiting for overseas containers took much longer than expected and we had to deliver even more at short notice. We were able to be flexible during the pandemic and we are glad that we could support these international families.


How do you think things will change in your industry as we emerge from this pandemic?

Internationals will continue to move. Maybe they will arrange that even more on a private and an individual basis in the near future.


Global mobility is expected to pick up again, what is the outlook for Furniture Lease?

Certainly! We are seeing signs of busy summer months. Our existing clients know where to find us and depend on our quick delivery, reliability, and reasonable price. So, we are looking forward to helping more internationals to furnish their homes.


How can your organisation help other partners, employers, or expats with their relocation to The Hague?

We provide temporary furniture and household items and take care of everything from A to Z. The new home is furnished and ready to live in as soon as the new residents get off the plane. Our team is more than happy to assist, and we always go the extra mile!


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