What to do when leaving the Netherlands 

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What to do when leaving the Netherlands 

Whether you’re leaving the Netherlands for a short period, or moving away permanently, it’s good to know your rights and responsibilities.  

Leaving for a short period 

If you are leaving the Netherlands for a short period, whether to conduct research, go on a holiday, or visit family you should keep your BRP registration and residence permit from the IND. Remember that in order to have an active BRP registration (and BSN) you must be registered at a residential address.  

The length of time that you may spend outside the Netherlands whilst retaining your residence permit depends on the permit you have. For example, researchers may spend up to 8 months per year outside the Netherlands. The full details are available via the IND website. It is important to note that you must keep your ‘main residence’ in the Netherlands even when you are leaving for a short period. 

Remember that you will always be granted access back into the Netherlands with a valid residence permit. 

Leaving permanently

We’re sad to see you go and hope you return soon! However even if you’re planning on moving to another country, you must remember to de-register from the municipality that you live in. Your municipality will then pass on this information to other government departments, including the IND. De-registration can be done online, in-person, or via an International Centre.  

Your residence permit must also be returned to the IND, and in you can hand in your card at an IND Desk or office, or at several International Centres (make sure to check each centre’s regulations first!) 

More information is available via our website