Leaving the Netherlands formalities The Hague region

Leaving the Netherlands


Will you be leaving the Netherlands? There are a lot of things to take care of. It might come in handy to draw up a list of all persons, companies and services to inform about your move. Our partner ACCESS has come up with a very useful list of all things to do when leaving the country.


It is very important to inform the municipality of your move. The municipality will inform other government authorities of your departure. Please keep in mind that the deregistration procedure differs per municipality. At the Municipality of The Hague, for example, you may not report your move any earlier than 5 days before your date of departure.

The Hague

Are you still registered with the municipality of The Hague and did you complete your first registration in the Netherlands at The Hague International Centre? If so, we can help you with your deregistration. Please send an email to: internationalcentre@denhaag.nl.

Were you not first registered through The Hague International Centre, or you are currently residing in a municipality other than The Hague? In this case, you should visit your local town hall for deregistration. If you did not register through The Hague International Centre, but you do reside in The Hague, please visit the website of The Hague municipality.

Other municipalities


Returning your residence card

Your residence card is property of the Dutch government. This means that you are obligated to return your residence document to the IND. If your first registration in the Netherlands took place at The Hague International Centre, your residence document can be handed in at The Hague International Centre. Please contact us to make an appointment.

If your first registration did not take place at The Hague International Centre, you should return your residence document to one of the IND desks in your region. This can be done in person, based on an appointment. You can schedule an appointment by calling the IND on +31 88 043 04 30.

It is also possible to return your residence document to the IND by post. The document should then be sent to:

IND Bureau Documenten
P.O. Box 7025
8007 HA Zwolle

The Netherlands

Before sending the residence document, please make it invalid by making a cut in the document, or by perforating it. Please do not cut the document in half.