Leaving the Netherlands formalities The Hague region

Leaving the Netherlands

When you leave the Netherlands, it is most important to inform the municipality that you intend to leave. The municipality will then de-register you from the BRP and inform the IND of your decision, if necessary.  

You only need to de-register if you are leaving the Netherlands for 8 months or more. This is because the IND needs to invalidate your residence permit (if you have one), and the municipality needs to inform various other government organisations that you are leaving.  This will ensure that you are not overcharged for local taxes, that your wage benefits are stopped, and that you are not prosecuted for (as an example) not having valid health insurance. 

It is important to note that informing the municipality does not inform private companies that you will be leaving: so you should also remember to cancel any utilities, housing, insurance; and other commitments you may have.  

How to de-register 

If you completed your original registration through The Hague International Centre, just send us an email and we will be able to carry out your de-registration for you.  

If you didn't register through The Hague International Centre, you can fill in the web-form via the municipality of The Hague's website.  

If you live in another municipality, you can de-register on the website of that municipality:  

Returning your residence permit 

Once you have de-registered, the municipality will inform the IND that you will be leaving. This will invalidate your residence permit. The permit card remains the property of the IND, and can either be handed in at an IND desk (including at Schiphol Airport), or sent through the mail to the IND.  

Please make sure to partially cut into your permit card with a pair of scissors to invalidate it.