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Information for people affected by the Ukraine conflict


With the situation in Ukraine likely to change with little warning, please reach out to us directly if you have any urgent questions. We are able to liaise with both the IND, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if required. You can contact us on, or via +31 (0) 70 353 50 43.

Emergency support for those in Ukraine

Dutch Nationals

The Dutch Embassy in Ukraine has been closed, and a meeting point in the city of Jaroslaw (Poland) has been set up. More information is available here.

Support is currently only available for Dutch nationals and their family members. A citizen’s advice line is available 24/7: +31 247 247 247

For more information, see the website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Netherlands Worldwide)

General support

Information and advice is available on the website of International SOS.

Information for Ukrainian nationals in the Netherlands

The IND has revised its policies around visa's for Ukrainian nationals in the Netherlands. Full information is available here.

It is now possible for Ukrainian nationals looking to obtain a 90-day visa for the Netherlands (MVV) to pick up the visa at a Dutch embassy or consulate in another country. Please contact your IND case officer for more information.

Please note that Ukrainian nationals with a biometric passport have an automatic visa upon arrival in the Netherlands. Only those with non-biometric passports need to apply for an MVV.

Information for people applying for asylum in the Netherlands

Anyone arriving in the Netherlands, who requires asylum to protect their human rights, can apply via the IND. In order to apply for asylum, people must present themselves at a reception centre: if arriving by air this is at Schiphol Airport. Those arriving by ground transport must report to the centre in Ter Apel.

Help for Ukrainian businesses and entrepreneurs

Ukrainian businesses already in the Netherlands should contact The Hague Business Agency, and/or Innovation Quarter

Our partner Octagon is offering help with relocating companies and staff to The Hague and the Netherlands

Our partner The Hague Tech is offering help with the startup residence permit 

How can I help and find out more information?

Our partner The Hague Humanity Hub is calling on The Hague's humanitarian and human rights ecosystem for support

Association of Ukrainians in the Netherlands

Collection of emergency materials via Volunteer The Hague

Where can I donate?

Donate to VluchtelingenWerk/Dutch Refugee Council

The Red Cross



Stichting Vluchteling


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