COVID regulations

Netherlands further loosens Coronavirus regulations


As of March 15, the Netherlands has further removed regulations around Covid. The announcement has been made due to the recorded effects of the Omicron variant. Whilst regulations have been loosened, there are still several pieces of ‘official advice’, including what to do when you have Coronavirus-like symptoms.

Symptoms? Stay home and take a test

The Dutch government’s advice is that if you have any Coronavirus-like symptoms, you should stay at home and take a self-test. If that self-test is positive then you can contact the local GGD health authority to book a more sensitive PCR test. In any case, you should quarantine for at least 5 days; and only go out again once you have been symptom-free for 24 hours.


It is still required to wear a facemask on public transport up until March 23, after that time it will be advised to wear a mask. However, everyone must still wear a facemask on airplanes and in airports for the foreseeable future.

Travel Advice

From March 23, it will no longer be required to show proof of a negative test, vaccination, or recovery to enter the Netherlands from other EU countries. There will also no longer be a requirement for a negative test for EU citizens travelling into the Netherlands from outside the EU.

The advice is now to take a self-test upon arrival, and again on day 5. The travel ban for unvaccinated non-EU citizens will remain in place, however the Dutch government recommend checking the various exceptions to these rules (for example people travelling from ‘safe’ countries).

Working from home no longer required

It is now only required to work from home if you have tested positive and are in isolation. However, with the number of people that have had positive experiences of working from home in the last two years, the Dutch government is asking all employers to make hybrid working a possibility for staff.

CoronaCheck and Testen voor Toegang

At the moment, people have to show evidence of a negative test or vaccine to access large night clubs and events of over 500 people. This requirement will end on March 23. The Dutch government notes that lots of other (European) countries still require proof of vaccination to access various entertainment venues.

All of the latest changes can be found in full on the Dutch government’s website.