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New portal launches to help displaced Ukrainian researchers and students connect with opportunities


#ScienceForUkraine is now live to help talented Ukrainians find projects and positions across the world

A new website has been launched with the participation of various Dutch institutions and universities aimed at helping to match talented Ukrainian researchers and scientists with positions, support, funding; and more across the world. 

Science for Ukraine has various filters to help those who have been displaced find new opportunities, and includes positions in The Hague, at the University of Leiden, at TU Delft; Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, and much more. 

All educational, scientific, and research institutes in the Netherlands are invited to submit their positions, opportunities, facilities; support networks, and remote working opportunities for listing on the website as soon as they become available. 

The offering includes opportunities for people at all stages of their scientific career: from early-stage students through to post-doctoral researchers.

For more information, head to the Science for Ukraine website.

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