Divorce The Hague region


Sometimes, a relationship does not work out anymore and you decide to separate ways. You can get a divorce or terminate your unmarried partnership.

Registering a divorce

To terminate a marriage, you will need a lawyer or attorney who can file for a divorce on your behalf. The court then grants your divorce. This is called the divorce settlement (echtscheidingsbeschikking). A divorce is not official until the settlement has been registered at the Registry Office. The date the divorce settlement is registered is the official date of divorce. Where to register your divorce depends on your situation.

Termination of unmarried partnership

You can terminate your partnership in 2 ways:

  1. Through a court ruling. This may be an option when only 1 of the partners wants to terminate the partnership or when the partners have custody of 1 or more (underage) children. Joint custody is not required. The first step is to go to a lawyer or attorney. Is the ruling irrevocable? Then you or your lawyer must request the municipality to register the ruling within 6 months.
  2. Through a ‘termination agreement’ at a lawyer or attorney. This may be an option when both partners want to terminate the partnership.

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