Inheritance law The Hague region

Inheritance law


What is inheritance law?

If one of your relatives passes away in the Netherlands, what proportion of their estate are you entitled to? Inheritance law will dictate how assets are distributed.

Dutch inheritance law

Dutch inheritance law applies to Dutch nationals currently living in the Netherlands and foreign residents living in the Netherlands forĀ 5 years before their death. If a foreign resident dies without leaving a will or making an official declaration on which law they wish to apply, the law of the country in which they resided for the lastĀ 5 years will apply.

However, there have been recent changes to EU rules which make it possible for EU citizens or official EU residents to choose whether the laws of their country of residence or their country of nationality apply to their estate upon their death. This applies even if you are a national of a non-EU country. If you are an international living in the Netherlands with EU citizenship and want the inheritance laws of your country of nationality to apply rather than Dutch inheritance law, you need to express this clearly in a will or separate declaration.