Service providers

Are you looking for an expert in housing, relocation, banking, childcare, healthcare or something else? The Hague International Centre connects you to reliable service providers who offer high-quality services in English and are familiar with your needs as an international living in The Hague region. Please note we are highly selective to the partners we promote, however we cannot be held liable for consequences with services provided by our partners.


KulturNetzaanZee: our focus lies on The Hague - the city, its culture and its history. Together with other German speakers we want to experience the city - educational, but not dusty. This is done both digitally and on site. Everything is possible: Curious participation or active input, KulturNetz loves to hear about your new ideas and suggestions.

The team of professional journalists provides broad coverage of the main Dutch news so that non-Dutch speakers are kept up to date – from politics and economic developments to crime and sport. For a more light-hearted approach, check out the features section for insider tips: from the best Dutch beaches to how to get “gezellig”.

Search & Finance

Are you taking up residence in The Hague? Search & Finance is here to help you. The combined efforts of an expat realtor and a mortgage broker will make your relocation as smooth as can be. In 3 steps, Search & Finance will help you find your new home and take care of the financial side. Let us help you get settled and find your home away from home.


We are global mobility specialists with a passion for people. With 20 years of global mobility experience, we founded Eastwing to do things differently. We provide Relocation, Immigration and Tax services as a one-stop-shop and a single point of communication. We help you to onboard and assign internationals fast, easy and with a warm welcome.

Women in Innovation and Leadership

WIL is a professional network that promotes personal growth, collaboration, and gender equality. We equip young professionals to enter the professional world by building an empowering network, offering relevant workshops and fostering collaboration. We encourage leadership through the fulfilment of one’s personal ambitions.

The TaxSavers

TaxSavers is a tax firm for individuals and entrepreneurs. We assist with the income tax return, M-form, 30% ruling, freelance (ZZP) taxes, and additional questions. We are happy to help! Especially in more complex situations, such as after buying a house, migrating, or starting a business. Visit our website for more information or give us a call.

Rotterdam International Secondary School

RISS is a truly international school that embraces diversity, human rights and unity. Students and staff are expected to actively champion our core values of relationships, courage, responsibility and respect. We are committed to ensuring we help our students enjoy their youth and prepare them for a world ahead that is exciting and challenging.

Rotterdam Expat Centre

How can Rotterdam Expat Centre help you? Education, career, health care, housing, taxes… setting up a business or working for a company abroad comes with many challenges on a variety of issues. Trying to find the answers and solutions can take a lot of time, effort and endurance. Rotterdam Expat Centre is the specialised one stop shop for international businesses and expats who are looking for services and information about working and living in Rotterdam.

Gateway Consultancy

Gateway helps companies and international employees with services related to intercultural communication and collaboration. By using the theory of Erin Meyer (The Culture Map) we create a communication profile for individuals, as well employers, which helps you adapt to Dutch (business) culture smoothly. Read all about the opportunities on our website!


ONVZ offers its customers the best service and complete freedom of choice in selecting a doctor or hospital. Thanks to its expertise and excellent service, ONVZ can offer customers a personal approach. Independent consumer surveys ranks ONVZ among the Netherlands’ best health insurers, with products, service and customer trust rating at 8 or higher.

International Health Centre The Hague

The International Health Centre The Hague provides high-quality healthcare so you can feel at ease knowing your health is in safe hands. It offers a wide range of medical services including general medicine, specialist polyclinical care, dental care, prevention, together with many additional healthcare services tailored to the needs of expats.

Trevi Advocaten

Trevi Advocaten is a law firm in The Hague. We can help you with your legal affairs concerning business or work. Our firm can consult and assist you (in legal procedures) in four legal areas: labor law, contract law, corporate law and tenancy law. Together with you, we search for the most efficient solution to your problem.