Service providers

Are you looking for an expert in housing, relocation, banking, childcare, healthcare or something else? The Hague International Centre connects you to reliable service providers who offer high-quality services in English and are familiar with your needs as an international living in The Hague region. Please note we are highly selective to the partners we promote, however we cannot be held liable for consequences with services provided by our partners.

Women’s Business Initiative International (WBII)

The WBII is a one-stop-shop for women entrepreneurs. Members create a professional platform to promote their businesses, seek advice and exchange knowledge and experience. Women from all ages, walks of life, and countries, participate. Start Your Own Business Seminars are a great opportunity to get started for those considering to set-up a business.

Trevi Advocaten

Trevi Advocaten is a law firm in The Hague. We can help you with your legal affairs concerning business or work. Our firm can consult and assist you (in legal procedures) in four legal areas: labor law, contract law, corporate law and tenancy law. Together with you, we search for the most efficient solution to your problem.


Vettax is a tax advising firm (people tax): your guide in the international fiscal landscape. Your fiscal issue is our ultimate challenge! Vettax stands for personal attention, clear language and engagement. Achieving that pleasant, comfortable feeling of having everything under control for you and your employees is what drives us every day.

International Health Centre The Hague

The International Health Centre The Hague provides high-quality healthcare so you can feel at ease knowing your health is in safe hands. It offers a wide range of medical services including general medicine, specialist polyclinical care, dental care, prevention, together with many additional healthcare services tailored to the needs of expats.

Asociación Hispánica de la Haya

Asociación Hispánica de la Haya (Spanish society) is a cultural non-profit organisation in The Hague promoting the Spanish language and culture of all the Spanish speaking countries.

The Hague Humanity Hub

The Hague Humanity Hub is a unique platform where a diverse community of innovators in the fields of peace, justice, and humanitarian action meet and share best practices to co-create innovative projects. Next to a professional workplace, the Hub offers access to an open and diverse community for innovation, co-creation, and knowledge exchange.

The Expatriate Archive Centre

The Expatriate Archive Centre collects expatriate life stories from all over the world. It facilitates high-quality research that promotes and enhances a greater understanding of expatriate life from a variety of perspectives. The collection includes documentations of everyday life abroad in various formats from the late 19th century to the present.

Radboud in'to Languages

Radboud in’to Languages is Radboud University's centre of expertise for language and communication. We teach expats and the companies they work for to communicate effectively in an international context.

De Hypotheker

The mortgage advice provided by De Hypotheker is completely independent because De Hypotheker compares all mortgage suppliers in the Netherlands. This means De Hypotheker also puts your own bank in comparison. Remember, your bank will not do this and only offer the banks' products. We believe that quality, reliability and service are essential.