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Education and childcare in The Hague region

The Hague is regularly named as one of the best placed in the Netherlands to raise children: thanks to a combination of education, child-friendly neighbourhoods, culture, and access to nature and open spaces. 

There are lots of types of schools available in the region. These include:

Generally, parents and children are very well supported in the Netherlands, and the Dutch educational system is one of the highest-rated in Europe for attainment. Luckily for international parents, The Hague region has the largest selection of international schools in the country.

In the Netherlands both parents may take time off for childcare (both post-birth and as the child grows up), and there are multiple benefits paid by the Dutch government to parents that can help with, for example, childcare costs.

Types of International School

The Hague region has the largest number of international schools in the Netherlands. With so much on offer, the choice can be tricky- get our expert view here.

Tips for finding schools

With so much choice available in The Hague, finding a school can be a complicated decision. Check out our top tips to make your choice easier here!
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Daycare and preschools

Dutch daycare centres accept children between the ages of 6 weeks and 4 years (the age at which children start with primary school in the Netherlands). Qualified teachers supervise children in play. They provide basic instruction and care for the children, feeding them and giving them an opportunity to take a nap.

If you would like your child to be taken care of during the evenings and weekends, you can also utilise the services of a qualified nanny, au pair, or babysitting service.

As with schools in The Hague region, there are a huge number of services to choose from!

Service Providers