Revised services at The Hague International Centre

The Hague International Centre

Revised services at The Hague International Centre

In order to safeguard visitors and personnel from the coronavirus, there is a limit on the number of people allowed in the City Hall. Please read about our revised services and safety measures before visiting The Hague International Centre.


IND, ACCESS and walk-in services

  • IND services:

    • Combined appointments for registration and IND will be available. Previously scheduled appointments for non-EU employees will automatically include IND services. No action is required on your part.

    • IND will contact internationals to schedule an appointment to provide biometrics or collect their residence documents. It is not possible to make an appointment (by phone or online) for only IND services. This way, we can manage the number of visitors present at the same time at our centre.

  • ACCESS volunteers will be available to answer questions from visitors who have an appointment at the centre. You can also send your questions to:, or make an appointment to talk to an information officer online.


Municipal services


General information

  • The Hague International Centre is open for appointments from Monday to Friday from 09:00 till 16:30.

  • We have limited our allocation for appointments to comply with coronavirus measures to protect visitors and personnel.

  • There may be a longer wait for the next available appointment for municipal registrations. However, we will adjust our opening hours on a weekly basis depending on the increase in arrivals of international staff to The Hague region.


Safety measures

  • International newcomers travelling from a high-risk area are required to self-quarantine for 10 days by the Dutch government. Please do not schedule an appointment at The Hague International Centre whilst in quarantine.

  • All visitors are strongly advised to put on a mask in the City Hall and at the Centre. If you forgot to bring one, our staff will provide you with a disposable mask.

  • Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before an appointment. Check-in with the host or security officer within 5 minutes of your appointment for entry into the City Hall. If you are too early, you will have to wait outside.

  • Only the people who need to attend the appointment will be allowed into the City Hall. We strongly advise relocation consultants and HR officers not to come to the City Hall. Please arrange all necessary paperwork in advance. Visitors may need to wait outside when there are already 30 people inside the City Hall.

  • Due to the coronavirus, visiting The Hague International Centre is different from what you are used to. We have adjusted our desks to maintain the safety for both visitors and personnel.

  • It is not possible to accommodate everyone at the centre. The number of visitors and personnel in the centre is limited to a maximum of 10.

  • We have placed plexiglass/perspex screens at the front and IND desks.

  • Our personnel wash their hands after every appointment, and employ the use of gloves and hand disinfectant.

  • City Hall, where The Hague International Centre is located, is temporary only accessible through the main entrance at Spui, close to the Central Library and shopping district.

  • Please bring a confirmation of your appointment (printed or online) for municipal registrations or the IND, in order to enter the City Hall.

  • All visitors are given information about coronavirus in the Netherlands, including current government measures, the latest plan on easing of the measures; and trusted sources for news, support, and essential information.

  • Please observe the following when visiting The Hague International Centre:

    • Stay at home if you have cold-like symptoms.

    • Keep 1.5-metres distance from others.

    • Be on time: do not arrive too early or too late.

    • Do not bring anyone who does not have an appointment.

    • Upon entry, clean your hands with hand disinfectant.

    • Wait for your name to be called by our personnel.

    • Visitors are requested to wait at the table. Our personnel will take care of your registration while you wait.


Revised services at municipalities

Municipalities have adapted their services to comply with protection measures against the coronavirus. Please visit their websites for the latest update on available services.


Our team

We will continue to update you about services at The Hague International Centre via our news page. For other questions, please email

Our team is still available to answer your questions about formalities, living and working in The Hague region, via email.

ACCESS is also available to help with general enquiries. Please send your questions to:


For more information about the coronavirus, please visit our coronavirus resource page for internationals.