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Student housing in the Netherlands

Students in the Netherlands generally do not live on campus. The university locations often do not have the capacity for dorm rooms - and most students are used to living on their own when they start a new study. The good news is that sharing housing in the city comes naturally to students; often you will find student houses where everybody has their own room but there is a communal space. It can be difficult to find accommodation, so make sure you start looking for a room as soon as you are officially enrolled.

What to expect?

You will probably have to share the shower, toilet, kitchen and living room with other students. It is common for men and women to live together in a shared house. Also, the rooms can be quite small compared to what you are used to. It is important to find out if a room is furnished or unfurnished. The quality may vary and furnishings can range from just a bed and a chair to a fully-furnished room with internet.

Rent and bills

An average room in the Netherlands costs somewhere between € 400 to € 600 a month. Please note that rooms in a Student Hotel are more expensive. Prices vary as there are public and private housing providers. Before you accept a room, check which bills (e.g. gas, electricity, internet, TV) are included in your rent. 

Finding a room

Finding a room in a new country can be a real quest. But if you know where to begin, things can get a lot easier. Here are some useful tips to give you a head start!

Your university may be able to offer you more insight in the best way to find a place to live.

A lot of websites that offer information on finding a room in the Netherlands in general, or more specifically per city.

There are also many groups on social media, such as Facebook, where students will advertise living space in their shared homes.

What to do when in trouble?

In case of trouble with housing, you can go to one of these organisations for help:

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