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Student housing

The majority of Dutch universities don’t provide on-campus dorm rooms, so students typically find their own rental accommodation during their study programme. As in all popular cities, finding accommodation on a student budget can take some time, and the student housing sector in the Netherlands is very stretched. For international students, the situation tends to be even more difficult, so it’s best to begin searching as soon as you are enrolled and be prepared for some setbacks.

Student Housing Associations

Dutch Universities do not have a legal requirement to provide housing for their international students. However, there are various student housing associations that rent exclusively to students. They require proof of a student’s registration with an educational institution as a condition of the lease. 

In The Hague region, the largest student housing association is called DUWO. It is highly recommended to contact the housing officer at your university or sign up with the association immediately after accepting your study offer, as rooms are often filled incredibly quickly. 

Aside from housing associations, there are several commercial options for finding student housing. These range from fully furnished studios with lots of in-house facilities (which can cost around €1000 per month) to more basic options, either furnished or unfurnished. Many students also find housing through the private sector, or in a house share. 

What to Expect from Student Accommodation in the Netherlands

An important thing to keep in mind is that you need to find an address where you can register with the municipality. All residents of the Netherlands need to register, and it’s required for getting your BSN. 

Shared housing is a popular choice for students in The Hague. Each tenant usually has their own room and shares a communal living area, kitchen and bathrooms. It’s common for different genders to live together, and the house or apartment may be furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished. 

Average student apartments in The Hague cost somewhere between €500 and €800 a month. Please note that rooms in a ‘student hotel’ are more expensive. Rental costs also vary between public and private housing providers. Before you accept a room, check which utilities such as gas, electricity, internet and TV are included in your rent. 

Start Your Search

Finding accommodation in a new country can be a real quest. But if you know where to begin, things can get a lot easier. Follow these tips to get a head start.

Your university may be able to advise on the best way to find a place to live.

A variety of websites offer information on finding a room. 

There are also many groups on social media, such as Facebook, where students will advertise living space in their shared homes.

Advice for Tenants

As with all tenants in the Netherlands, students who rent housing are protected by various laws and regulations. Find out more about your rights, and seek advice from: 


Good luck with your search for housing as you prepare to study in The Hague. You can find out more about rental housing in the Netherlands, local neighbourhoods that you might want to consider, and arranging household maintenance and other utilities.