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Districts in The Hague region

With a bustling city centre, diverse local neighbourhoods, and well-connected surrounding areas, there’s plenty to see, do, and explore in The Hague region. Locals and tourists are drawn to the area for work and for leisure. And many call The Hague home – including the Dutch royal family. The region’s rich history has resulted in many cultural hotspots and world-famous landmarks. These include museums, art galleries, nature areas, and government buildings. And as the only large Dutch city to be located by the sea, The Hague also offers a unique mix of city and beach life. For those looking to relocate to the Netherlands or The Hague, explore what the region’s districts have to offer and find your ideal home base. Whether you’re a nature seeker or city dweller, there’s something (and somewhere) for everyone in The Hague.  

Learn more about districts in The Hague

Living in Centrum

Learn what it’s like to live, work and spend leisure time in Centrum, The Hague’s central downtown area.

Living in Scheveningen

Discover what it’s like to live in Scheveningen, The Hague’s beachside district near the city centre.

Living in Escamp

Learn what it’s like to lead an active lifestyle in Escamp, the Hague’s sportiest and most populous district.

Living in Segbroek

Learn what life is like in Segbroek for internationals living in The Hague region. The district lies northwest of the city and is home to 60,000 residents.