Student life

Student life

The Hague region is a great part of the world to be an international student. It offers some of the finest educational programmes, attracting students from far and wide to its highly international environment. With so many important global institutions in the city and a reputation for innovation across many fields, it’s also the perfect place to find a unique internship or build a professional network. Beyond the classroom, there is plenty to do in your spare time in The Hague and the nearby cities of Delft and Rotterdam. All in all, The Hague offers a comfortable student life, together with bright prospects for your studies and career.

Coming to Study in The Hague Region 

If you're thinking about coming to The Hague, you're sure to find the right programme for you. There are countless places to study in the city and surrounding areas. These include world-class institutions like the Royal Academy of Art, the Royal Conservatoire, Hotelschool The Hague, and Leiden University Campus The Hague, where classes are entirely taught in English. The nearby Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is also famous for programmes in science, technology, and engineering.

Thanks to local expertise in sectors from legal and policy to cybersecurity, you can count on world-leading lecturers and opportunities for work experience in a wide variety of fields. Plus, Dutch tuition fees for international students are relatively low and there are numerous grants, scholarships, and loans available to finance your education.

Considering a course? Every institution offers support and advice for prospective international students, but you can also get information from an international student office.

During Your Studies

Once you've found a course, your student life in The Hague Region begins. Your first port of call might be to join a student network or study association to meet people with similar interests. The Studar app provides comprehensive listings of what's on in the area, general information about studying in The Hague, and even a function for matching with other students. Otherwise, outside the student bubble, there is plenty to do in the area: including a thriving nightlife scene, and many sports clubs, groups, and activities for meeting others. 

It's common to work during your studies in the Netherlands, and there are plenty of student jobs available. For longer-term career goals, many students also choose (or are required) to do an internship as part of their course. From innovative start-ups and multinational companies to reputable international institutions, there are many options for internships or traineeships.